Conference Services

Conference Services and Professional Conference Organisation

Azura Events offers full conference management services including professional conference organisation providing one point of contact for all you need to know about running a conference, administering it efficiently and making sure it is successful. As an extension of your team, we share our knowledge, our experience and our purchasing power. We take care of all the big and small details for you giving you all the stuff you want and none of the headaches you don’t.

As a Professional Conference Organiser (PCO) Azura Events specialises in the organisation and administration of conferences. Azura Events will act as a consultant to the conference contact or Organising Committee, using the experience and knowledge we have gained over many years organising events to help you make the best success of yours.

If there are areas of administration which you cannot provide the resources to manage, then Azura Events will handle these for you. We will also act as a link between different committees and suppliers. The Committee or Association will normally retain control of the event and set the policy with Azura Events acting as Project Manager and ensuring that the administration runs smoothly. In addition we will provide advice on all aspects of conference management and work with you in partnership to ensure the success of your conference.

We have put together a checklist of our typical services as a PCO. We hope this helps you see how much we really can take care of for you so you can get on with what you are good at and enjoy!

Azura Events already provides this cost effective and efficient service for National and International organisations and associations. The main benefits are:

  • Ensures association standards can be safeguarded and maintained.
  • Results in a more cost effective operation
  • Ensures accurate information from conference to conference
  • Time savings due to knowledge transfer – no need to handover to a new team after each event, you have the same point of contact throughout
  • Valuable experience from earlier events can be retained resulting in a consistent level of quality for meetings and conferences.

Naturally each organisation or association has its own unique identity and we work very hard to maintain this but are able to call on our experience and make suggestions for improvement where we feel it is required. We will build a long term relationship with you so that you come to rely on us as part of the team. As Committees change over the years we can help make sure your message still reaches your members and colleagues.